The Best 30 Advertisements We’ve Seen in

The Best 30 Advertisements We’ve Seen in a While – It’s more than common knowledge that a picture is worth a thousand words. To be quite frank, it’s been said so often that I frequently stop listening two words into the sentence to anyone who utters it. Yet there is no denying the truth of it. The main reason people react better to images than to written text is that a picture is right there in your face, you have to exert a minimum amount of effort in order to perceive…

Negative Space Madness by George Bokhua

Negative Space Madness by George Bokhua – George Bokhua is a self-taught graphic designer who has found happiness in simple, strong logo design. He’s designs are very simple and yet very strong, he is a master of using negative space as you can see on this post. Enjoy! For more from George Bokhua visit and Tags:  negative space marks logos paul0v2’s blog

54 Helpful Infographics to Guide You Thr

54 Helpful Infographics to Guide You Through Website Building Process

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Ra

15 Beautiful Art Projects, Created to Raise Awareness for a Cause

Mobile Games that Redefine Graphics Appe

Mobile Games that Redefine Graphics Appeal – Top 5 Picks – I have decided to make a quick list of five that can smoke out differences between digital and real; welcome to the 21st century of gaming. Right from the candy crushers to the rope cutters and modern Slot machine app collections that are loaded enough to make anybody drool. Let’s see what separates the greats from the goods with top picks from the world of graphically blessed mobile games. Click the images to l…

10 Frightening Freddy Krueger Tattoos -

10 Frightening Freddy Krueger Tattoos – One of the most popular movie killers out there is a burned man named Freddy Krueger. Krueger first came into the movie scene in 1984, and he terrified everyone with the fact he was able to attack and kill people while they were at their most vulnerable, which is when they were asleep. The first Nightmare On Elm Street movie was a big success, and there has been eight more movie starring Freddy Krueger. Audiences loved the burned …

Freelancing 101: When to Say ‘No’ – Some

Freelancing 101: When to Say ‘No’ – Sometimes, you will find that the best answer as a freelancer is “no.” It’s not always the easiest thing to say, but it is necessary at times. There are going to be days or projects that just don’t work for you. But how do you know when to say no? It can be a situational answer, and a project you turn down this week might be something you consider again in a year. What’s important is to find the balance in your schedule to take on pro…

Improving Your Information Architecture

Improving Your Information Architecture With Card Sorting: A Beginner’s Guide


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