35 Eagle Tattoo Designs for Girls and Bo

35 Eagle Tattoo Designs for Girls and Boys http://ow.ly/2MPE74

Splendid Wood Cutout Sculptures by Marti

Splendid Wood Cutout Sculptures by Martin Tomsky – Now this is impressive! Martin Tomsky, an artist from United Kingdom, comes up with really splendid wood cutout sculptures, cut with lasers! His pieces are really mind-blowing, detail-rich, and some of his characters seem to be inspired by Adventure Time. There’s literally no reason why not to love these. For more of Martin’s fantastic work, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART! He’s got plenty more pieces there fo… http://ow.ly/2MOleX

10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographic

10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data http://ow.ly/2MO9Uc

The WPHelpDesk Plugin for WordPress – A

The WPHelpDesk Plugin for WordPress – A great trick for a successful business conversation is talking 20% of the time and listening the other 80% of the time. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and we all appreciate a good listener who genuinely seems interested in what we are telling him and doesn’t just nod out of politeness, without following us. […] The post The WPHelpDesk Plugin for WordPress appeared first on designrfix.com. http://ow.ly/2MNJjP

The Ethics of Proofreading for Students

The Ethics of Proofreading for Students – Should you do your own essay proofreading or should you allow a proofreading service to do it for you? There are numerous factors to consider when you think of proofreading and the ethics behind it. There are proofreading and editing services that are happy to do it for you, and there are plenty of friends and relatives nearby that may also take a stab at what you are working on and improve it. Here are some of your questions an… http://ow.ly/2MNJjN

20 Fresh Flat UI Designs Free to Downloa

20 Fresh Flat UI Designs Free to Download http://ow.ly/2MNhdR

Building A Simple Cross-Browser Offline

Building A Simple Cross-Browser Offline To-Do List With IndexedDB And WebSQL http://ow.ly/2MNhdN

Senses – Principles of Design – Senses i

Senses – Principles of Design – Senses is a series of posters using basic geometric forms and colors to enforce a message that each piece communicates. This is a project by Ashley Pawlak, a designer from Brooklyn New York. Enjoy! For more from Ashley Pawlak visit ashleypawlak.com. Tags: designgeometriccolorpaul0v2's blog http://ow.ly/2MNhdC


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